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Motor industry trends

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1 . Enterprise development enterprise transformation must accurately identify yourself in the position , based on students seeking solid work , steadily. Production and sales of small motors affected by various factors, the magnitude of change is relatively large , enterprise market reforms to be spotted and focused manner to occupy him , to play their own advantages , for example , the current rare earth permanent magnet motor , a large number for fans , frequency control devices pumps, machine tools , compressors , urban transportation and industrial electric vehicles , predicted there will be greater development prospects.

2 . Development derived , special series motor . We want to develop a multi-purpose , multi-species derived and comply with foreign advanced standards of electrical products . With the advance of science and technology to continuously improve the level of society , the development of the motor industry , market demand will continue to change , extension and intension electrical products also continued to expand , wide electrical products supporting surface , it is widely used in energy , transportation, various fields of petroleum , chemical, metallurgy , mining, construction , etc., and versatility to the special nature of the motor gradually developing , breaking the past is not the same type of motor used in both the nature of the situation on different occasions . Electrical products is toward professional , special, personalized aspects of development, which is also the latest ideas and trends in the development of foreign enterprises .

3 . Motors to high efficiency of small motors as the power source for a variety of machinery and equipment , and its total consumption accounted for about 70 % of the country 's electricity . Therefore, the development of China's high efficiency motors , the promotion of energy-saving products , is an important measure in response to the national energy policy to achieve energy saving . In product development , the former Academy of Sciences , in the product design uses a lot of ways , such as starting torque , capacitance compensation , damping groove Methods to reduce to save energy , but these are the same conditions in the frequency down to achieve. Ever since the inverter , the inverter transformer power becomes easier, so you can adjust the induction motor running on optimum operating point , ensuring the output unchanged, maximum efficiency and power factor can be used instead of the rated efficiency and rated power factor, reducing the size of the motor , reducing the weight of the motor , reduce costs and improve the economic and social benefits .

4 . Mechatronics , intelligent with the development of science and technology , mechatronics technology has made rapid progress , while a variety of high-tech products for the motor also injected new vitality , manufacturing processes , and management of information technology through microelectronics, computers, application , encourage national policy network technology , companies focus on technology, new product development cycles gradually shortened , mechatronics , intelligent motor ( such as AC variable speed motor is a variable speed drive system ) emerged , speed manufacturing, virtual manufacturing and other advanced manufacturing technology application. Technical level of China 's motor performance and level of developed countries rather .

5. Improve the reliability of the product after joining the WTO, the full liberalization of the market , the electrical products should be of high reliability, long life, low noise , light weight , beautiful appearance up efforts to improve the design level, to improve the manufacturing level , the development and application of new materials to improve product quality, implementation of mandatory safety standards . Intense competition in the domestic market , under the customer's increasingly high performance and quality requirements of the situation, to enable enterprises to adapt to the market and user requirements , to continuously improve manufacturing processes , improve the technical level , the use of new materials, design and production to meet market demand for products , it exports technology level, multi- species, the size, grade , and strive to create brand-name quality products.

In general , as the pace of economic globalization is speeding up , the domestic market has become increasingly international, world-renowned multinational companies on market entry strategies are electromechanical our selling products from the past into a product , capital, technology, services and other means of comprehensive market entry . We want to be market -oriented reform and technological innovation as the driving force to accelerate the development of the market needed products , new technology , new technology, new equipment , develop new products, improve product quality , in an open , competitive environment to accelerate self- development, and constantly improve the performance, quality and high-tech products , the promotion of references microelectronics, information technology and other high-tech . Electrical products to expand the domestic and international market share, in addition to meeting the above requirements , but also strengthen market competition and market awareness services, and promote the healthy development of the industry.