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Accelerate the improvement of energy efficiency standards transformer

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In recent years, with the deepening of China's " energy saving" policy , energy is becoming the mainstream of social development , energy saving transformer will also be the next major market trends , some of the current run of high energy consumption in network distribution transformers do not conform to industry trends facing technology upgrades, replacement demand will gradually be replaced by future energy, materials , environmental protection, low noise transformer , but also improve the energy efficiency of a transformer standards to further regulate the industry market .
Whether or Chinese markets worldwide , whether developed or developing, energy- saving targets in an increasingly grim situation, who have the eyes to focus on energy-efficient transformers , energy-efficient transformers will usher in large-scale application stage .
Just-concluded " eighteen " clearly would "Beautiful China ", " Green China " as a coming period of "theme" , energy saving transformers conform to the development of the times . From the development process of the transformer energy-saving technologies , our country experienced a transformer replacement process S7S8S9S10S11 several series , distribution transformers have been demands S13 and SH15 products currently S9 products are still widely used. The energy-saving effect is more obvious than S10 products market size is growing. In the course of the promotion of energy-saving products , due to the sales price of the product price is higher than the S9 , so the price is still a major factor in the popularization and promotion of energy-saving transformer effects .
With economic development , especially in rural power transformer load rate lower user demand for more energy-efficient products and gradually increase the national urban and rural power grids in large quantities has started using S13 and SH15 products, load loss than the S9 transformer by 50 % to 80 %.
Accelerate the pace of improvement of energy-saving standard transformers
Our energy efficiency standards are compulsory standards , and eliminate the need for energy-intensive products will be listed in the " elimination of high-energy product catalog" to provide guidance and basis for the implementation of specific provisions . Currently, many provinces and cities nationwide have begun to focus on energy companies to replace the transformers were eliminated inspection and supervision.
Amendments completed in October 2012 to keep up the pace even more GB20052 national energy policy. According to the China National Institute of Standardization engineer Zhao Yuejin , this standard revision increased the level of energy efficiency and energy conservation evaluation limit value level, the implementation of standards in accordance with the previous situation, the future will usher in a new round of structural adjustment of product distribution transformers .