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2015 motor will achieve the upgrading of products

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Motor system energy across the board. In order to enhance energy efficiency rating , the Ministry announced in June this year the motor efficiency enhancement program , by 2015, to achieve electrical product upgrades , 50 percent of low-voltage three-phase cage induction motor products, 40% of the high-voltage electric motor products meet high efficiency motor energy efficiency standards ; cumulative promote efficient motors 170 million kilowatts , eliminated inefficient motors with 160 million kilowatts , the implementation of energy-saving technological transformation motor system 100 million kilowatts , the implementation of efficient elimination of motor remanufacturing 20 million kilowatts .
But just replaced with energy- efficient motors general motors to enhance the effect of the whole motor system is not obvious , saving the entire motor system is the real saving . Therefore , inverters, servo , motor drive inverters and dedicated a lot of use in fans, pumps , compressors , lifts , welding machines, electric car motors , air compressors, washing machine and refrigerator compressor motors . The inverter is the main motor system energy saving mainly in the fan and pump applications, the inverter is used , the frequency can be reduced by reducing the supply pump or fan speed , with reduced speed , power will rapidly decline. Meanwhile LCI frequency inverter usually powered , AC induction motor lagging reactive power absorbed by the inverter power grid , the power factor also has been raised , the whole process of saving a portion of the power grid transmission losses electricity.
The inverter, servo drives , inverters and a dedicated controller IPM modules , IGBT and MOSFET play a key role for energy saving . These customers are demanding more power devices , such as requiring a lower product cost , more compact package size, better thermal performance , diversification also requested power devices , such as low -power devices , compact design the high-power devices , low -power devices, high-current high- voltage devices , and so on .