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Hardware & Electrical Industry welcomed the opportunity to recover

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Recently, the Chinese Communist Party eighteenth Third Plenary Session of the Central Committee was held in Beijing . " CPC Central Committee on deepening reform of the overall number of major issues ," conference released from reform of household registration system , county city , urban construction investment and financing mechanism for new urbanization development of a comprehensive institutional arrangements and deployment , and further proposed to promote human-centered new urbanization . The central government 's top-level design , triggered a positive response from the market for new urbanization concept .
Urbanization can be understood as urbanization, involving the transition from peasant economy to an industrial economy , from subsistence economy to an open economy, from low-tech and other aspects of the new technological revolution turned a major social change. The so-called new urbanization is relative to the old in terms of urbanization , emphasizing the civilized and rational evolution of ideas and behavior, rather than the previously pie -like propulsion , leading to rampant throughout the lower replication , resulting in a great waste of resources.
Urbanization is bound to promote the development of mechanical and electrical hardware to drive the industry, domestic demand will be a new growth point , the industry recovery Assembly has been sounded , just around the corner to pick up the occasion . For mechanical and electrical hardware industry, the long-awaited new urbanization plan finally emerge, promote the development of urbanization is so mechanical and electrical hardware in the coming years there is much room for development .
Nowadays, although the entire Hardware & Electrical Industry yet to get rid of the haze weather , but the state vigorously promote urbanization release a strong flares , which inevitably is the mechanical and electrical hardware industry is a good opportunity for development , but the industry can not sit back and wait while the peace of mind wait for the release of enormous energy urbanization . Hardware & Electrical Industry whole urbanization brings both to see the dawn , but also to help themselves, the economic weakness in the market environment, to calmly deal with the situation of the trough , CHAMC mind and spirit , a good attitude adjustment , in order to better the stock of the situation .
Hardware & Electrical Industry There are a lot of homework to do , it is imperative to reflect on the state of development of the industry, how to change the current state, then reproduce brilliant ? These require Hardware & Electrical Industry settle down , carefully try to figure out . Confidant to know the enemy , to know yourself , to learn to grow and leveraging the power of self , may wish to learn the essence of ancient history to enrich themselves. Hardware & Electrical Industry and urbanization are inextricably linked , no doubt, is bound to promote the urbanization drive the development of the whole industry , tempting cake in front , can eat , eat up , but also eat much , depends on their ability.
The meeting on the proposed development of urbanization policy on hardware, electronics industry, will be the opportunity to invest in the future existence .