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Hardware & Electrical market focus into the second and third tier markets

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Hardware & Electrical market is the industrial enterprises parts warehouse , many industries need to screw nuts , wrenches , hammers, bearings , etc. Hardware & Electrical Products . Grid Gold , principal analyst Luo Baihui that mold machine , hardware, electronics market focus shifted to small cities is the trend, whether the construction of mechanical and electrical hardware market in a particular area depends on many factors, the level of development of an industrial area determines the size of the local mechanical and electrical hardware market, while local hardware liquidity , the number of business users , business volume , area of finance, industry and agriculture , etc. should be included in more than research scope .
Taixing Hardware & Electrical project as a pilot of this trend , Jiatai Hardware & Electrical settled in Taixing , because the flow of commerce before Taixing Hardware & Electrical more scattered and great demand of local hardware and electronic products , specializing in urgent need of a large market . Taixing also a strong industrial base in the city , with the rapid development of economic changes and the pattern of local Hardware & Electrical Industry Taixing urgent need for wholesale trade and circulation Hardware & Electrical products once the integration and aggregation.
As we all know , as Taixing Reducer key industries , size and position of its development in the country has become increasingly powerful. In Taixing , just all kinds of gear production enterprises and supporting more than 200 enterprises , which bodes well , or will China Taixing township to gear reducer strong across the city , becoming the manufacturing center of China reducer . So , obviously, the rapid development of the industry is bound to Taixing Reducer rigid demand for mechanical and electrical hardware is growing. There are statistics, Taixing City Hardware Electrical current market demand has around 100 billion a year. In the next few years , the demand for industrial equipment Taixing will be increasing , which determines the Taixing Hardware & Electrical Industry will usher in an unprecedented historical opportunity for development .
It is reported that the city of Taixing Jiatai Hardware & Electrical project covers 83 acres, the scale of investment 300 million yuan . Where a development of 50 acres , bringing together domestic and foreign , and gifted , special, new hardware thousand kinds of electronic products , product radiation Taizhou and surrounding areas.
Taixing Jiatai Hardware & Electrical City by the Kerry too Investment (Group ) Co., Ltd. to invest in , get Taixing municipal government and relevant partners support. Ka Yang Qinghong , president of Pacific Investment Company , said this is the group Jiaxing, a pilot project in Jiangsu Province , the group plans to promote the mechanical and electrical hardware market in the domestic chain model , Taixing JIATAI project is the first step of the group taken in Shanghai , the next will gradually expand in the country .
Firm belief, Nirvana rebirth
Currently, in addition Taixing City and Shanghai Jia Tai Hardware & Electrical Hardware City Kerry too belong on Investment ( Group ) Co., Ltd. , and Shanghai City Hardware development has been 10 years, Kerry too Zhezhi Hardware & Electrical fields can be described as a long operational management team after the test , the past 10 years has greatly tempered this team , according to杨庆红's words, not because of how successful we have in the past , but this team is precisely because we have experienced a lot of failure , when the original opening, Shanghai Hardware City shortage in the positioning and planning , resulting in the start was not successful, the initial investment is difficult , with the intention of customers came to the scene and saw the empty environment , a lot of people shook his head , but with perseverance and a sense of responsibility , the Group executives decided to persevere, but paid the price painful time and money .
However , as long as the right direction , it will usher in the harvest insisted , when Mao Yang Dong and every moment in reflection and summary , they believe that the city is not enough precise positioning hardware , product planning is relatively simple , the scale is too large, must be improved . Market size is too large , has been irretrievably lost, only a little digestion , the idea is if we continue, even more than a month a customer is also an improvement. The first year of the investment situation is very bleak, came 600 and walked half , the second year , a total of 60 new businesses, but in the third year , market sentiment began to pick up, a sudden increase of more than 100 households, while the fourth in jumped more than 300 households, since then , Shanghai Hardware City beginning to pick up .
But there are unexpected storms, started in March 2006 , Shanghai Hardware City suddenly into deserted state. Since that time more advertising , and sometimes cash flow difficulties, coupled with the house sale, rental shops sometimes deserted , making temporary downturn in state enterprises and gross transport himself into a remarkable entrepreneurial lowest ebb period.
Nevertheless, Mr. Mao Xianyun still did not give up , continue to choose to adhere to. He believes that Shanghai Hardware City then located , though not very good , but it is located in Shanghai 's Jiading District , Jiading District, Shanghai, and the main industrial area, the city is surrounded by the surrounding metal industrial enterprises , therefore , have the potential demand is sufficient , just dig out their intentions , its market prospects promising. Thus , Mao Hin Wan insist constantly think of ways to find a way , any problems , any problems will be solved as soon as possible . Finally unremitting efforts , hard work pays off , since 2007 , began to improve the effectiveness of Hardware City together .
Since then, Shanghai Hardware City out of the haze , in a clear sky under gradually grow. Standing in Shanghai 's Jiading District of Shanghai Bao Qian edge of the road Hardware City , has now become the leading hardware industry exhibition center .
Improve the investment, operation and management capability in practice
When asked Jia Jia Tai too invested in doing Hardware & Electrical chain brand advantage when , where , Yang Qinghong answer : Because we have excellent mechanical and electrical hardware professional market capacity investment, operation and management. The core of a successful market is not how beautiful the house , how low the cost of civil engineering , but to see whether there has been a good team the ability to manage a project.
After a decade of exercise Shanghai Hardware & Electrical City , this team has accumulated rich experience in management of mechanical and electrical hardware market. For example , market positioning , bearing the number of customers , product breadth and customer needs radiating what kind of product structure and other issues have been gains . A good management of mechanical and electrical hardware market must have two teams , one for development and another in charge of operational management , the two complement each other , from the beginning of the project management team can put forward their own ideas and suggestions , such as building facade design , room , hydro structural requirements , etc., while the role of the development team will discuss the idea into reality . In addition, Yang also concluded that mechanical and electrical hardware market in mid- construction should begin Merchants Merchants basically ended when completed , Taixing Jiatai Hardware & Electrical City is a good exercise . Kerry too investment management team presented this idea is the foundation.
After the completion of the investment , an important task is to manage . This requires a professional operations team to play a role , after investigation, the current market there is a lot of this phenomenon . After completion of the project developers , regardless of the overall market basically two reasons for this situation , a developer of management is not , because there is no professional background , do not know the needs of businesses , that is not control . Another tube is reluctant because management needs to pay costs. But Jiatai Hardware & Electrical City solves these two problems, they have a very strong investment, operation and management team, Shumenshulu , are familiar with every aspect . In addition, they are also willing tube , the way they can be self-financing , Yang Qinghong example , the long and short positions in the market are actually valuable billboards, property costs are also an income , there are many other ways to solve the operational problems.
How does a market to attract customers , which have helped customers from the perspective of the Counting economic accounts, it is important to tourists, whether they have a platform for developers to take the appeal, the management team is excellent ability , vision is to be believed , whether the market promising , these had to speak with the facts . The Jiatai Hardware & Electrical City team will be able to trust and security businesses .
After establishing customer trust, economic accounts be settled only consider giving incentives to local government , the service provided by the developer . Professional team, the professional market , professional management is JIATAI strengths, this advantage will gradually pass through the industry 's reputation. Today, the city of Taixing Jiatai Hardware & Electrical Hardware City merchants , many from Shanghai , there are some recommendations from around the industry associations and spontaneous attracted to visit clients.
Founder Jiatai Hardware & Electrical City to achieve the second take-off
In 2010, Chairman Mao Jia too significant transport investment decision to build a new professional regional market , and launched a brand called JIATAI Hardware & Electrical City , the first stop in Jiangsu Taixing , he hopes to build again in the hardware industry higher quality, more professional mechanical and electrical hardware market, innovation chain model to create China 's first new Hardware City . Mao Hin Wan 's vision brought him a second career to take off .
Earlier in view of the experience of Hardware City Office of Shanghai , Mr. Mao Xianyun deeply felt the importance of information technology to the enterprise . Because in recent years, there was no significant increase in rental rates in the city of Shanghai hardware , however , the city's ever increasing volume , it is because a lot of the rise of the city played a role in the network of shops . Therefore, he decided to vigorously strengthen the building of enterprise information , and to increase efforts to promote and network marketing . After the construction of the Taixing JIATAI Hardware & Electrical City , Mao Hin Wan summarize past experience , future trends, he decided to build Shanghai in the Hardware City website , while also building Taixing . Jia Tai Hardware & Electrical City website , and will be the site links to all Hardware & Electrical City he founded , the combination package widely publicized , and ultimately create a unique brand Jiatai Hardware & Electrical City .
Currently, Shanghai Hardware City gathered hundreds of electronic trading companies , more than a dozen courier company , and these are not deliberately Shanghai City Hardware Merchants come . Although only one network platform, but their big sales , such as a pump shop monopoly year sales of $ 300 million , and there are many such dealer network . For the city of Shanghai hardware shop , here is the low cost , variety, convenient logistics . City e-commerce business entity transaction billing amount almost caught . But Shanghai city itself does not build the network hardware platform, they only guide .