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Development and Reform Commission to promote the upcoming catalog efficient motor assessment

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Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission a notice affects market nerves, the NDRC upcoming promotional catalog efficient motor assessment whether this company has been pushing for related industries , causing the market 's attention.
Analysts believe that the motor industry related policies will produce a certain stimulus, but for businesses to replace equipment needs to pay a certain cost , it takes time to implement , how to formulate specific to local government subsidies , making more companies willing to equipment replacement of energy efficient motors , the main concern is the future .
NDRC efficient motor selection
Yesterday, the National Development and Reform Commission and Ministry of Finance jointly issued "on projects that benefit the energy-saving products recommended by the organization to promote efficiency motors directory notice" ( the "Notice " ) , the NDRC , the Ministry of Finance intends to carry out in the near future to promote the fifth batch of high-efficiency motors catalog RAE . Around energy conservation authorities , the financial sector should seriously organize , recommend qualified and efficient electrical products , and in accordance with requirements of the audit , reported to the relevant application materials .
In early August , the Ministry of Energy Saving and Comprehensive Utilization Department will be officially announced in the nationwide implementation of the " motor energy efficiency enhancement program ." The plan intends to use three years to improve energy efficiency nationwide motor , promote industrial restructuring and upgrading the motor . Annual consumption of more than 10 million kwh more than 30,000 industrial enterprises will focus on the implementation of the program object .
South China Power Equipment , a brokerage analyst to a "First Financial Daily" reporters , said national ministries and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Industry , etc. are vigorously promoting the use of energy-efficient motors , will have a positive correlation of listed companies ; while investors can long-term focus areas of energy conservation in industrial production , financing difficulties encountered in the past , difficult issues such as the implementation of gradually got from central to local attention.
The analyst said that the central government under the guidance of the local government in the future should be to increase efforts to support energy efficiency in industrial production , but from the detailed approach on specific operational level has yet to be known, in the production and operation of enterprises still relatively large pressure Next , allow enterprises to fully borne by the motor system energy renovation, is not realistic. How to encourage businesses to use energy-saving motors , as well as the development of related products procurement policy should subsidize long-term perspective .
Who will benefit ?
From major brokerage firms recently released a research report view, Jiang motor ( 002,176 , stock it ) (002176.SZ), Founder Motor ( 002,196 , stock it ) (002196.SZ), Wolong Electric ( 600,580 , stock it ) (600580.SH ) , the day trench saving ( 300,332 , stock it ) (300332.SZ), Ocean Motor ( 002,249 , stock it ) (002249.SZ) and other companies are likely to benefit from these "notice" selection .
Wolong Electric is recommended by a number of brokerage firms have efficient motor leading shares , including Northeast Securities ( 000,686 , stock it ) , Guotai Junan , Hang Seng Kwong card , GF Securities ( 000,776 , stock it ) has released a research report .
September 23 evening Wolong Electric announced that a major restructuring has been completed, the Zhejiang Wolong Sunyu Investments Limited ( hereinafter referred to as "Wolong Investment " ) to issue shares and to pay cash to buy their holdings of Hong Kong Wolong Holding Group Co., Ltd. ( called " Hong Kong Wolong" ) 100% of the shares, which Wolong Wolong Electric to invest through the issue of shares to buy 85% stake held by Hong Kong Wolong , while paying 313 million yuan in cash to invest in Wolong Wolong its holdings to 15% in Hong Kong stake. Wolong Electric ATB Austria will indirectly hold shares in the company by Hong Kong drive technology Wolong ( called "ATB" below) 98.926% of the shares.
GF Securities believes that the future will expand Wolong Electric products , market coverage and stronger motors business to focus future downstream appliances and stable development of construction machinery industry , electrical appliances and industrial electrical needs of small and medium stability, national and efficient way to change the motor subsidies and subsidies intensified and the acquisition of ATB synergy .
And Jiang motor is one of a number of sought-after object broker . September 9 Jiang motor evening bulletin said Jiang motor and Bauhinia Holdings Ltd. , Longyan Industry Development Group Co., Ltd. signed a " project co-investment framework agreement " by the Academy of Bauhinia investment in technology innovation , combined Longyan Industry Development Group Co., Ltd. , Jiangxi Special Electric Co., Ltd. , Bauhinia Holdings Limited invested five years installment invested 2 billion yuan , an annual output of 3,000 tons of rare earth NdFeB sintered permanent magnets and an annual output of 300 million units of rare earth permanent magnet motor industry chain .