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Single-phase asynchronous motor windings

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Single winding is embedded in each stator slot home only one side of the coil windings effectively , so that only half of the total number of slots in the motor of its total number of coils. Advantages of single-layer winding coil winding number is less process is relatively simple ; utilization of inter- layer insulation so the tank does not improve ; interphase layer structure breakdown failure does not occur . The disadvantage is that the electromagnetic waves generated by the winding shape is not ideal , the motor iron loss and noise are also larger and somewhat less starting performance , it is generally only used for small single- winding capacity asynchronous motor . Single-layer winding arrangement in accordance with the arrangement of different shapes and terminating some of its coil windings can be divided into several forms of chain winding , cross chain winding , concentric windings and cross concentric winding and so on.

1 : chain chain winding windings are made of a same shape and the width of the single- coil element composed of link ends of each coil winding its image sets from the same name. Special attention should be single- chain winding coil pitch is that it must be an odd number, otherwise the winding will not arrange layout.

2: Cross chain winding when the number of slots per pole per phase 9 is an odd number greater than 2 can not be arranged in a chain winding layout , then you need to use with a single, double coil winding cross .

3: All concentric coil windings in the same phase group Wai hold very same center .

4 : When the number of slots per phase per class Q is larger than even two concentric windings may take the form of a cross .

Winding advantage of single concentric windings and cross concentric winding for winding embedded line is relatively simple , the disadvantage was consuming too much too long coil wire ends . Except now occasionally used in small-capacity two -pole, 4-pole motor outside , has been rarely used this form of winding.