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Motor parts technology or a hot industry

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Drive motor system is one of the core components of new energy vehicles . Motor drive control system is the new energy automotive vehicles perform in the main structure , which determines the driving characteristics of the car driving key performance indicators , it is an important component of electric vehicles.
Used in electric and hybrid vehicles powered by a permanent magnet synchronous motor and drive system has reached the stage of market applications , with the introduction in 2009 National "auto industry restructuring and revitalization plan" , and the State Department from the "Ten City 1000" plan expanded to " twenty City, 1000" , according to the national "Twelfth five-Year Development plan" discussion draft situation indicates that the 2010 , 2015 , 2020 , respectively, formed ten thousand , one million , ten million new energy vehicles scale , so new energy vehicles and related industry development strategy up to the national strategy , the opportunity to bring new energy automotive industry and key parts industry development, environmental protection and energy saving auto power motor drive system products have broad market space.
Automotive systems are widely used electric drive system , bringing benefits to the motor manufacturer . According IMSResearch a recent report , between 2012-2017 , used in the automotive industry, brushless DC motor shipments will exceed DC servo motors and stepper motors. Permanent magnet brushless DC motor shipments will rise 52 percent , sales to more than 462 million units.
October 30, 2013 -31 days , sponsored by the China Automotive Advice Centre network, CEIBS Alumni Auto Industry Club , Timer Auto Consulting ( Shanghai ) Co., Ltd. hosted the " China Automotive Motor Technology and Application Forum " was held in Shanghai . The forum will focus on new market opportunities , and improve their quality performance motor control components to start lectures and discussions. Looking forward to your attention and participation.
Due to energy shortage and environmental pollution increasingly strengthened , electric cars showing strong vitality, is generally optimistic about the auto manufacturers and consumers. Data shows that by 2010, electric vehicles will account for a quarter of global automotive demand, the total will reach 20 million . U.S. General Motors , Toyota , Citroen , France and other major car companies are developing electric vehicles as direction .
China also attaches great importance to the electric car has been the National Science and Technology as a major research project "fifth" period , an important part of green transport is also " Eleventh Five-Year Plan" development. Therefore , the motor industry has huge market potential.
For the current motor development , the technology upgrade key components to improve its reliability and longevity for both extremely important. Motor vehicle technology in China and Application Forum with Chinese auto Advisory Centre Network has invited new impetus Ocean Motor Co., Ltd. , the key zero Delphi Packard Electric Systems Co., Ltd. , the Schaeffler Group and other business-related experts, on the inside of the motor components and materials, new technologies are introduced and discussed , and shared a series of key components for enhancing the performance of the solution.
Into the future direction of the permanent magnet motor
In the electric vehicle motor drive technology, are bound by space limitations and the use of the vehicle environment , electric vehicle motor drive system is different from the conventional electric drive system , which requires higher performance, higher volume / weight density, higher ambient temperatures , power Electronics and motor Technology for the motor drive has been unable to meet the ordinary its requirements. Therefore , the permanent magnet will become one of the future direction of the motor car .
Permanent magnet motor with high efficiency, large , high power factor than the power , the advantages of high reliability and ease of maintenance . Frequency control vector control system enables permanent magnet motor has a wide speed range. Therefore , permanent magnet motor technology has become an important development direction of the motor drive technology .
The forum , China Association of Automobile Vehicle Electric Appliance Committee , Changan Automobile Co., Ltd. and other enterprises relevant experts delivered a speech respectively, permanent magnet motors penetration and market potential in the automotive industry outlook , permanent magnet drive motor aspects of performance improvement methods are described and analyzed.